About Us

How it all started…

David Harrington and Janet Provencio both started in real estate lending in 1984.  Since that time, they have been involved in thousands of lending transactions,  helping clients purchase and refinance their properties.  However, it wasn’t until their parents became elder home owners in the late 1990’s before they realized the advantages of reverse mortgage loans.  Since then, they’ve helped parents, uncles, aunts, friends, past business clients and new clients by obtaining reverse mortgage loans.

In 2011, David and Janet created The Proton Group, Inc.  A family owned real estate lending company.  (PRO-vencio) and (Harring-TON).  The name PROTON was used because a PROTON consists of 3 Quarks, one up and two down.  Janet and David were both single parents, each having two sons (each family WAS a PROTON).  The families merged in 2009.

David and Janet created The HECM Group in 2013 to focus their attention to their elder clients by providing educational information on Reverse Mortgage Loans or HECM’s (Home Equity Conversion Mortgages),  not only to their elder borrowers, but their families, their advisors and real estate professionals.